Stop Desiring for More


Stop Desiring for More

As humans we all want to succeed in life and keep adding accomplishments to our list. We keep adding and adding and it keeps going without end. We reach one goal but then we decide to continue chasing goals. It’s great to accomplish things in life but there is a certain point where we need to realize that were just running in circles doing the same things. We want to accomplish goals because we think it makes us happy, we think that everyone will look to you as a better person. We think that once we reach a goal you’ll be content and stop chasing at other desires. This is a quote by Epicurus a greek philosopher.

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This quote explains exactly how most people live today. I think the most impactful part of this quote is when it says, “Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for.” We can see this example in pro athletes and companies. When they earn their first trophy or there first award, they are happy but for a short time. Humans like to think of what can i do to get more awards and more titles. This causes us to run on a road that never ends. Once an athlete or a company reaches their second goal, they already forgot about their first one. They look back and are like that’s all I won? And they become discontent. That first accomplishment used be all that athlete or company ever dreamed of.  In life we need  find goals that will last our entire life and that benefits our lives and others. We need goals that just doesn’t give you happiness for just a little while but gives you happiness for a life span. I want you to think what is the most important thing in life to you, and is that goal or dream give you happiness forever and does it benefit you and others.

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